Membership Options

We are the largest independent, not-for-profit, iMIS users group. It is our vision to create and maintain a platform where the iMIS community can: share information, connect with one another, and continuously gain knowledge through easily accessible educational tools and networking experiences. We have made it is our mission to provide a forum to advocate for, educate, and connect users and vendors in the iMIS community.

Get more involved in the iMIS community, and stay fluent in industry trends through the iMIS Users Group. Membership is at an organizational level. In other words, you pay one fee and your entire staff is able to take advantage of the member benefits. We offer three membership options: Organizational (Regular) Membership, Associate Membership, and a Vendor Membership.

Organizational (Regular) Membership

Limited to persons or firms who own and operate iMIS systems including but not limited to: professional and trade associations, philanthropic organizations, and association management companies. Organization membership is available for all iMIS customers and dues are based on the number of licensed/full users within your organization.  Membership is company based, which means all iMIS users within your company will gain access to the benefits iUG has to offer, once you join.

Associate Membership

Limited to authorized iMIS solution providers, authorized iMIS consultants and independent iMIS consultants.

Vendor Membership

Limited to persons or firms that offer products or services to the iUG community that do not otherwise qualify for associate membership.

Membership Dues   


Organizational (Regular) Membership:
iMIS Users
: Dues for organizational members are based on how many licensed users (full users) the organization has for iMIS and are as follows:

# of 
 Dues               # of 
 Dues              # of 
 1  $100         5  $240          31-40  $670 
 2  $130    6-10  $290     41-50  $800
 3  $155    11-20  $410    51 or more  $895
 4  $180    21-30  $540    

Associate Member: Dues are $650 per year. Associate members enjoy all the benefits of Organizational Members, but they are unable to vote.

Vendor Membership: Dues are $700 per year. While Vendor members enjoy all the benefits of Regular Members, they are unable to vote and they are not able to participate in the iUG help center/listserve.